Welcome to Ruby Raine Books

Ruby Raine is the author of Wicked Good Witches, and Wilde & Witchy!
Her series are paranormal romance / urban fantasy romance for ages 18 + due to strong language and adult content. 

** For Fans of Charmed, Bewitched, Trueblood/Sookie Stackhouse, The Magicians, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel...

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  1. The link goes to buy for 19.99. It is cheaper to buy on Amazon. Something not right here. I would like to buy for 11.99.
    Thanks a lot,Carol

    1. Sorry, this sale ended June 1st. Website's just not quite updated yet. There is no complete series bundle on amazon kindle... only on nook, kobo, itunes, or buying direct from the author.